Using the metaphor of fruit to mirror the fruitfulness of women’s bodies and their creative potential, award-winning author and poet Gayle Brandeis combines thoughtful exercises with provocative poetry, providing inspiration for women at any stage of life. From “Seeds” and “Roots” to “Flowers” and “Fruit,” Fruitflesh follows the growing season, encouraging your growth as a writer while expanding and deepening your self-awareness.

Each section of the book begins and ends with a “Fruitflesh Meditation”—an exercise centered on a particular fruit that will help bring your body into the act of writing, adding a delightful, satisfying dimension to the creative process.

Lively, poignant, often humorous, and including many practical lessons, this distinctive approach to writing will take you to the true source of your creative power.

“What a sensual book! Anyone immersing herself in Fruitflesh is sure to find her writing liberated and enriched by the many stimulating exercises.”
Susan K Perry, PhD

author of Writing in Flow, Jane Doe Magazine

“The book is beautifully written, with gorgeous usage of language and metaphor.”
Publishers Weekly

“Trying to relate writing to another practice is an age-old technique. Never before has it been done in such a manner as in Fruitflesh…evocative and intriguing.”
The Writer

“An intoxicating read, Fruitflesh is ambrosia for women writers. Filled with beautiful prose, unique exercises, and womanly affirmations, Gayle Brandeis rouses the muse and saturates the senses.”
Women on Writing

“Fruitflesh is a lush, exhilarating, and inspiring world to enter—fertile and mysterious. It will add depth, surprise, and delight to your writing.”
Susan Wooldridge

author of Poemcrazy

“Fruitflesh calls for some very juicy feasting!”